Bio-Identical hormones may be used to treat the menopausal woman.  These hormones are molecularly or biologically identical to the hormones naturally produced during a woman's reproductive years.  These compounds are plant derived, hence they are also referred to as phyto-hormones.  Treatment is individualized to the patient's needs.  A prescription is required and can be filled only at pharmacies which specialize in compounding (our office is happy to provide a list of these pharmacies).  Therapy may be administered orally (pill form) or topically (a cream), depending on patient desires and response to therapy.  Dosing may be adjusted based on the patient's  symptoms or after specialized salivary testing.  


For more information please click on Dr. Schlafstein's Bio-Identical Hormones and the Menopausal Woman article and his Salivary Testing of Hormone Levels article.

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