Vulvar Vestibulitis is a condition characterized by pain, discomfort, irritation and redness of the vestibule, the opening of the vagina.  This is a chronic inflammatory condition effecting the vestibular glands laterally and the perineal skin below.  While the entire vaginal opening may be involved, often the lower area is most tender.

Vulvar vestibulitis occurs in women of all ages. It can occur in women who are sexually active and also in women who have never been sexually active. Although currently it is unknown studies are being conducted to determine the exact cause of this condition.

Some of the symptoms of vulvar vestibulitis include:

  • Severe pain when pressure is applied the area (for example: biking, exercise, tight fitting clothes ).
  • Pain with vaginal entry such as tampon use or sexual intercourse.
  • Burning, stinging, irritation, or raw sensation within the vestibular area.
  • Vestibular redness


  • Medical therapy can be helpful, but often this condition will require surgical treatment.

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